b"5 Calgary Stampede 2023 Report to the CommunityRoss Glen GalleryThe Ross Glen Gallery will be an active space for story-making, featuring multiple exhibits and experiences that will rotate annually. Each experience will invite guests to explore the storiesof Stampede with more depth, using artifacts, immersive art, a tactile maker spaceand, whenever possibleco-creating with the community.Scown GalleryThrough perspectives and stories spanning a century, theScown Gallery will immerse guests in the questions of how the Stampede has remained at the heart of Calgarys identity for more than 130 years and where we might go from here as the StampedeSam Centre construction progress,and as a community.as of December 2023This journey of exploration will include behind-the-scenes vignettes, tactile hands-on experiences, inspiring artifacts and Sam CentreDesigned to Share Calgary'sparticipatory moments that will tap into your own creativity, Stampede Story, Year-Round perspectives, opinions and memories.When open in 2024, guests to Sam Centre will explore the storiesStampede Experienceof the people and cultures who have helped shape the Stampede, while also making and sharing their own stories along the way. SamThis 14-minute experience of heart-stopping, boot-stomping, will be a one-of-a-kind place animated by captivating exhibits,adrenaline-rushing excitement will help guests experience The facilitated programs, vibrant learning spaces and compellingGreatest Outdoor Show on Earth like never before. Immersed in a storytelling, all brought to life through the knowledge, warmth and270-degree space with haptic floors and life-sized images, the hospitality of the volunteers and employees at Sam. sounds of laughter, music, moos and neighs, auctioneering, thumping hooves and rising cheers will be all around, takingIn 2023, Sam Centre continued to take shape and will open in guests on an unforgettable journey of community building, May 2024.personal achievement and tradition.Sam Centre rendering, featuring Stampedes signature red terracotta siding"