b'2023 Report to the Community Calgary Stampede 422023 Executive Management TeamJoel Cowley, Sarah Hayes, Theresa Howland, Chief Executive Officer Vice-President, Foundation Vice-President, Sponsorship, Marketing & Employee ServicesJim Laurendeau, Vice- Graeme Ryder, LaVonne Walt, President, Park DevelopmentVice-President & ChiefVice-President, Volunteer & Operations Financial Officer Services, Communications & Corporate Secretary2023 OfficersWill Osler, President & Chair of the Board Joel Cowley, Chief Executive Officer Jim Laurendeau, Vice President,Stuart OConnor, First Vice-Chair Sarah Hayes, Vice-President, Foundation Park Development & OperationsCherie Copithorne-Barnes, Theresa Howland, Vice-President, Graeme Ryder, Vice-President &Second Vice-Chair Sponsorship, Marketing & Chief Financial OfficerSteve McDonough,Employee Services LaVonne Walt, Vice-President,Immediate Past-President Volunteer Services, Communications& Corporate Secretary Past PresidentsSteve Allan Bob Dinning David SibbaldGeorge Brookman Bill Gray Jack SteenMichael Casey Rob Matthews Bob ThompsonDavid Chalack Dana Peers Robert Young'