b'2023 Report to the Community Calgary Stampede 30A Special Thank You to our Government PartnersThe City of CalgaryThe City of Calgary is a long-time partner of the Calgary Stampede. Along with providing our 100-year lease and support for ourcredit facilities, collaboration enables outreach throughout the year in the community to enhance and further civic activities. Various initiatives at Stampede Park and elsewhere engage citizens and guests, contributing to the cultural, social and economic well-being ofthe greater community.The City is providing one-third of the funding for the expansion of the BMO Centre, which progressed on budget with construction toward becoming the largest convention facility in Western Canada.The Government of AlbertaThe Government of Alberta, through Alberta Arts, Culture and Status of Women, supported several Stampede programs and facilities through an operating grant agreement of $6.055 million. These funds provided opportunities for youth to learn about agriculture sustainability, western heritage, and develop performing arts skills, along with more than a million guests from around the world to experience the annual celebration with iconic events including 100 years of chuckwagon races and pancakes, agriculture competitions and First Nations cultural presentations in Elbow River Camp. Further, the investment enabled 3,000 volunteers to contribute their time and talent toward building community year-round, with $250,000 specifically directed to repairing the exterior of Rotary House and the electrical and structural needs within the Agriculture Building, to maintain these public venue assets and ensure the safety of guests.The Province is a one-third funding partner of the BMO Centre Expansion Project. Final construction continued on schedule, with the building envelop completed in Fall, interior finishings taking shape, and steady progress toward the June 2024 opening of the new tier-one conference facility.The Government of CanadaThe Government of Canada provided COVID-19 pandemic support through a one-time contribution from the Major Festivals and Events Support Initiative announced in June 2022. The Calgary Stampede appreciates this support, which helped sustain employment opportunities and to deliver a full presentation of the annual July celebration in 2023. The Canada Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) contribution of $91,667 enabled employment training opportunities through the year.The contribution by Infrastructure Canada of one-third matching funds to the $500 million-dollar expansion of the BMO Centre supported exterior work completion, to enable the complete focus on interior construction and final finishing to move forward and be open in time for the 2024 Stampede.'