b'2023 Report to the Community Calgary Stampede 14The Stampede Showband had the honour of being recognized by MayorJyoti Gondek and City Council for their World Championship win.Creating Spirited Citizens Through Performance In 2023, 112 members of the Young Canadians School of Performing Arts received more than 100 hours of training and instruction in dance, vocal and performance each week. Members ages seven to 19 had the opportunity to showcase their skills during their spring production of Canadian Playlist at the Jubilee Auditorium. They further participated in spring dance and vocal The Calgary Stampede Showband takes home their 7th World Championship win showcases, a first-ever alumni performance at BMO Kids Day during our annual celebration, the 2023 Mayors Celebration of the Arts, the Optimist Festive Showcase and the Winter Showcase at Calgary Stampede Showband TakesThe Grand. Of course, their season wouldnt have been complete without performing nightly during the Bell Grandstand Show at Home 7th World Championship Stampede 2023. In July, the Calgary Stampede Showband officially took home theirThe Calgary Stampede Showriders, made up of 14 riders and7th World Championship title at the 2023 World Association oftheir horses, also had a jam-packed schedule this year. On top of Marching Show Bands (WAMSB) competition. This years Worldperforming multiple times a day at The Greatest Outdoor ShowChampionships were held in Buckhannon, West Virginia in theon Earth, the Showriders travelled to Wyoming for the Cheyenne United States. The Stampede Showband won with their 2023Frontier Days, where the team rode in three Grand Parades and production Sonic Playgroundan audiovisual exploration of thewere recognized as Best Mounted Group by the parade organizers. youthful experience on a classic playground and the whimsicalThroughout the year, this group of young equestrians grew their sounds of swing, slide, teeter-totter and jungle. horsemanship and gained invaluable life skills through performance. Fast-forward to October, the Stampede Showband had thehonour of being recognized at Calgary City Council for their World18 hoursChampionship title. During the recognition at Council, participants from the Showband shared a bit of Stampede spirit as they dancedThe number of hours a senior Young Canadian and performed in Council Chambers, before City Council proclaimedmember trains each week October 17, 2023, as Calgary Stampede Showband Day!The Showriders dazzle during theThe Young Canadians Senior Company performs Canmore Canada Day parade during their spring production, Canadian Playlist'