b'15 Calgary Stampede 2023 Report to the CommunityBrooklyn Payne, 2023 Calgary StampedeStampede School students learning Poster Artist, next to their winning artwork in action at The Banks of the Bow2023 Calgary Stampede Poster Celebrates540Youth & CommunityInspired by the notion of community spirit and the Calgarystudents from 14 schools tookStampede Showriders, 22-year-old Calgarian Brooklyn Paynepart in Stampede School entered their artwork into the 2023 Calgary Stampede Foundation Youth Artist Poster Competition.Depicting three Stampede Showriders in their distinctive 1,000+ western uniforms, performing their unique musical ride upontheir horses, Paynes artwork was officially selected as the 2023 Calgary Stampede Poster, naming them the winner of this yearsstudents from 21 schools participatedPoster Competition.in the OH Ranch Education program As the winning artist, Payne received the $10,000 Dustin Peers Memorial Scholarship, generously funded by the Brandon Flockstewardship, Alberta history and culture, and more at the Calgary Foundation. The Brandon Flock Foundation provides an additionalStampedes OH Ranch. Students in grades four to six toured the $10,000 in scholarships to the top eight in the competitionworking cattle ranch, explored ecosystems through a ridge walk, annually. As a part of our commitment to youth achievement, visited an early Ranchers cabin and Northwest Mounted Police the Youth Poster Competition has provided mentorship to youngoutpost, all while having fun with various hands-on ranch activities. artists since the programs inception in 2018. Brooklyn Payne isthe fifth Alberta youth whose artwork has been the star of theLearning continued with our Journey 2050 program, where more Stampede Poster.than 5,300 students from 202 classes were challenged to answer the question, How will we sustainably feed nearly 10 billion people by Empowering Youth with Hands-Onthe year 2050? The program featured a full-day field school at the EducationNutrien Western Event Centre, including virtual farming simulation games, scavenger hunts and other hands-on experiences.This year, 540 students across 23 classes from 14 schools took partWe also hosted four Indigenous Youth Program sessions inin Stampede School, an educational experience for students grades2023, for Indigenous youth between the ages of nine to 14 to learn one to 12 that relocates their classroom to Stampede Park. Studentsand celebrate their cultures in a safe space. Established in 2017, the and teachers explored questions like how are we all connected?program builds resilience, teaches life skills and emphasizes the and what is the story of Alberta and the people who live here? toimportance of cultures and traditions. Aprils program centred name a few. Guest experts in 2023 included Horse Handlers witharound the importance of the medicine wheel. Mays session their horses, Historians, Sustainability Specialists, Rodeo Entertainers,featured guests from IndigeSTEAM and was all about robots. Indigenous Elders, Artists, Stampede Royalty and more! Youth participating in Octobers session learned about the science More than 1,000 students from 45 classrooms and 21 schools alsobehind the tipi and the chemistry of paint, and Novembers session participated in our OH Ranch Education program, exploring topicsexplored oral creation stories and traditional stories through a such as sustainability, ecosystem management, environmentalvirtual reality experience.'