b'2023 Report to the Community Calgary Stampede 24Wine Competition During Stampede 2023, we unveiled plans for a new annual wine competition, the Stampede Cellar Showdown. The Cellar Showdown will be an international competition that will showcase the best-of-the best in Canadian and international wine while highlighting our communitys connection to agri-food and beverage production.This high-profile competition aligns with the Stampedes agri-foodThe Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth gets and beverage vision to create inspiring experiences that connectset to celebrate the best wines on earththe industry to Calgarians and southern Albertans by facilitating signature programs and building understanding between regional food and beverage producers and consumers. Cutting Horse Futurity Starting in 2024, guests will get to enjoy swirling, sniffing and The Calgary Stampede Cutting Horse Futurity presented by sipping these award winners as part of their festival experience.Wrangler saw skilled athletes and horses work together to select a For winning wineries and distributors, recognition will also includesingle cow to move out of, or cut, from of the herd. Once the cow the opportunity to feature their winning wines at the newwas selected and removed, the pair demonstrated their ability to Stampede Cellar Uncorked event in June of 2024, as well as thekeep the cow from returning to the herd. The horse uses great new Stampede Cellar wine garden and throughout the Stampedesstrength and agility as it mimics the movements of the cow, always premium seating venues. staying one hoof ahead. The Canadian Wine industry will be showcased in the This annual competition featured some of the best riders and competition with its own class of recognition and prizing. horses in the sport working to win $100,000 in awards and prize money at both the Futurity and Aurora Finals.Horse and Rider cut a cow from the heard during 2023 Cutting Horse Futurity'