We are proud of our connection with animals. Treating them with respect and care is part of how we celebrate our western heritage and values. Throughout the year more than 7,500 animals take part in our many competitions, exhibitions and educational programs.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, we look to the advice of experts and the latest in science to better understand animal behaviour, response and performance related to western events. Throughout the year we consult with professional veterinary advisors, world-class researchers and many other experts in livestock care, health and handling. As a result, our Fitness to Compete program is considered one of the most comprehensive animal care programs in North America and we are fortunate to be able to share our learnings with other fairs, rodeos and exhibitions.

The Calgary Stampede takes a disciplined approach to animal care, focused on meeting three distinct standards:

  1. The regulations set out in Alberta's Animal Protection Act. These regulations are monitored by the Calgary Humane Society and Alberta SPCA year-round;

  2. The codes of best practices for each animal species as recommended by Canada's industry experts; and

  3. The Stampede's own animal care code of practice. During the Calgary Stampede, a team of veterinarians is on site day and night to ensure the best possible care is available.

The Stampede's strict adherence to Alberta's Animal Protection Act also means the Calgary Humane Society and Alberta SPCA have all-access privileges to Stampede Park.