Human Rights Statement

The purpose of the Calgary Stampede is to preserve and promote western heritage and values by celebrating the people, the animals, the land, the traditions and the values that make up the unique spirit of the west. The success of the Stampede is founded on the organization’s 111-year history of adjusting to, engaging and reflecting our community on a local, regional and international basis.

We are deeply committed to operating with integrity and do so by caring for our people, respecting the rights of all people, caring for the lands in which we are stewards of and acting responsibly in our operations.

Our commitment to human rights is informed by the Canadian Human Rights Act, the Alberta Human Rights Act, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as Federal and Provincial employment standards.

Environment and Sustainability

The Calgary Stampede takes great pride in the lands we own and operate on. We intend to care for these lands for centuries to come. Pride of Place is at our roots and is one of our core values. It is with this in mind that the organization strives to become a net zero organization by 2050. Our road map to net zero continues to evolve, seeking opportunities for improvement on how we affect the world around us.

Our people, our community and our guests are at the center of what we do; we exist for the benefit of our community which includes caring for the land and environment that we call home.

With roots that predicate the incorporation of Calgary, our commitment to community is why we reinvest proceeds from operations into youth programs, education, culture, environmental initiatives, facilities and year-round programming. We believe in striving to do the right thing and building trusted relationships where “our word is our bond.” These values connect us to our past, to the present and to our future, and we know that they will continue to support the success of our great organization and community for another 100 years and beyond.


Environmental Achievements:

  • In 2008, the Calgary Stampede achieved its ISO 14001 certification.

  • In 2020, the Calgary Stampede achieved its GBAC STAR Accreditation.

  • In 2022, the Calgary Stampede signed the Net Zero Carbon Events Pledge and will publish our pathway to net zero by the end of 2023.

Environmental Initiatives:

  • Water & Energy Management

  • Waterless urinals and dual flush toilets decrease water usage by 30%.

  • Water refill stations to reduce plastic water bottle waste.

  • On-demand water heaters that only operate when required.

  • Use of and conversion to LED lighting to support energy conservation.

  • Programmable lighting to reduce energy consumption.

  • Refrigerant recycling process for our air conditioning and refrigeration units.

  • Waste Management & Recycling

  • Organics composting program that diverts 80% of waste from the landfill.

  • Three stream waste bins can be found throughout the park.

  • Recycling of products such as cardboard, beverage containers, paint, motor oil, batteries, electronics, wood and much more.

  • A bulb eater that crushes fluorescent tubes and separates the mercury and phosphorous vapors.

  • Stampede Park-wide Orange Dot Program, part of our Asbestos Management Plan.

  • Greenhouse Gas Management

  • No idling policy for vehicles on Stampede Park.

  • Use of voyage control to schedule deliveries to limit carbon monoxide production.

  • Fleet-right sizing ensures the most efficient vehicle is utilized for the task.

  • Introduction of electric vehicles and carts to support operations.

  • Food and Agriculture Management

  • Partnership with Eco-Growth to dehydrate food waste and support regenerative agriculture.

  • Collecting and recycling cooking oil and grease into biofuel and other products.

  • Donate excess food local shelters wherever possible.

  • Land Stewardship & Education

  • Approximately 1,827 trees—a number of which are heritage trees—and 6,515 shrubs contribute to a healthy ecosystem on Stampede Park. If ever a tree must be removed, the organization replaces it with two.

  • Annual Riverbank Cleanup Event for employees and volunteers.

  • Park-wide Yellow Fish Program: all storm water drains that directly empty into the river are identified with a yellow fish marker. The yellow fish serve as a warning to be watchful of our actions.

  • Installation of Bat Houses as an eco-friendly mosquito controlling system: bat houses create a natural ecosystem for bats, which eventually feed on mosquitos and other insects and thus control their populations. By doing this, we do not rely on chemical spraying techniques.

  • Environment Education programs for students. In our Journey 2050 program, students are taught how to make agriculture sustainable and meet the growing demand for food.

The Stampede is currently developing our pathway to net zero, with measurable milestones along the journey. We continue to evaluate opportunities to reduce our footprint and support others in doing the same. Our team can support all events hosted on Stampede Park in reducing their footprint as well.

Future plans include measuring and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing our waste and energy management programs, and continued transition to more energy efficient assets and fixtures. The Stampede’s focus is to reduce Stampede Park’s carbon footprint through technology and the three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle.